Brand Strategy

Building a strong, focused brand is among the most important and difficult phases of the marketing process. Some major corporations talk a good game about their own brand, but when asked, are powerless to express what it stands for or where it’s headed. Others micromanage a brand to the point of paralysis — or worse, confusion. But even the least experienced brand managers among us know: ignore your brand at your own peril.

Compare branding to successful parenting: agree to and establish objectives; protect it when it’s too young to defend itself; create a framework flexible enough to accommodate change; never spoil or smother; and when mature, trust it to capably withstand challenges. (And don't name it something stupid.)

Brand Lab

Participating in a Brand Lab is an organization's first step in achieving strategic, applied brand success during launch, re-stage or update phase.

This interactive discussion process — usually two to three hours long — probes current and future business rules; cases for change; communications strategies and objectives; competitive trends; the consumer landscape; and all other dynamics exerting influence on your audiences' perception.

The results of your Brand Lab encompass a complete status of the current brand, all elements contributing to the aspirational brand, and the tactics recommended for executing the most effective, relevant strategy possible.